Feature Request - Command in EXIF Data

Looking at some of the b/w conversions I have done lately with gmic and gmic-qt, I was wondering if it were possible to add a command that will write current functions/filters applied to the image as a comment in, for example, the EXIF field of an image. In gmic-qt that would have to be the sequence of filters applied. Or write the current command into a .xml sidecar.

G’MIC-Qt already provides functions that allow a host to get the filter name and G’MIC command string for the most recently applied filter. My 8bf G’MIC-Qt host uses this to reapply the last used filter non-interactively.
You could probably also do this manually, IIRC the G’MIC-Qt dialog has an option to copy the G’MIC command string.

I do not think that it would be easy to add this information into the image metadata, both EXIF and XMP are complicated formats to read and write.

I saw the cut and paste button for gmic-qt. To read and write, one would probably use exiftool or https://github.com/nextgis-borsch/lib_exiv (if included in the executable). Is there a simple way to get the current command string in gmic then writing a a command line to call exiftool should not be too difficult.