[Feature request] Favorite Tools tab

Hello everyone. I’m new at this forum, but I’ve been using RawTherapee for many years. I prefer it to clunky Photoshop/Lightroom solution. First it was on Windows, but now I’m using it on Linux and I have to tell, it’s superb.

I have only one small request: could you please make a “Favorite” tab on Tools? For example, I’m often use the same basic 4-5 tools, like: Exposure, noise reduction, sharpening, white balance and crop. It’s great have all other tools beautifully categorized, but it would be better if I could select my favorite tools to be together in one place, aside from everything else. It’s simple, but it would have a HUGE impact on my daily use.

You can checkout some of my work (everything has been done with RawTherapee) here: https://500px.com/brunomarquesbr/galleries

Thank you. :slight_smile:

EDIT.: I’m using 5.2 version


This is definitely reasonable, but I’m afraid it is going to take quite some time and restructuring of the internals, given the current implementation :frowning:

However, you might be interested in the “poor man’s” version of this which will be part of 5.3:

Basically, this lets you decide which tools are collapsed and which tools are expanded whenever you start RT. They will still be on different tabs, but at least you can collapse all the tools that you never use, and keep only your favorite ones expanded by default. This was much easier to implement, and I find it handy (YMMV, of course :slight_smile:


I find the “poor man’s” version actually very useful, it speeds up my navigation.

Glad to hear, that was the purpose indeed :wink: