Feature request for Export module: Import and group exported images


I like to see the exported images next to the RAW files, so now after export I import the created JPEG, TIFF files into DT and group them with their RAW files. By the way In the export module I add automatically extra suffix to the filename (…size_quality_colorspace).
It would be nice if there was an option in DT to do this step automatically, even for group conversions.

Thank you

You can add just about any thing you like with varialbes or your own custom text…


Also you will never get any traction on a request for features here …there is a form that you can fill in with all the details need and a description of your issue or request … you can find this on the DT github…

Edit…ah I see its your first post… welcome…

Yes I know the text cutomisation, I miss the “auto import” function only.
Thanks for the github suggestion, I’ll check it out.

Perhaps this can be useful: Solved: Auto import a directory when a file arrives? - #2 by paperdigits

I might be misunderstanding your reply but you can use those variable for exporting as well and for display of data on the info line…

Try darktable lua documentation - AutoGrouper

I already use variables for the filenames in the export modules. Do you mean something different?

I will try… Btw I didn’t know about LUA scripting…If I think correctly, can I write a script (if I get familiar with it) that can do the import after running the export module?

From this I read that you wanted the export naming automated which did confuse me but I see the last sentence likely is referring to the first sentence…

O I see, I was misunderstood. I’ve just wrote this because as I know DT can group images with same filename but different extension, but in my case the filenames are different.

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