[Feature request] Improved graduated filter


From using RT extensively the last year or so I have noticed two things, which often make me have to do postprocessing in Gimp after RT. Both of these have to do with the graduated filter, so I would wish for the following improvements:

  1. Additional filter forms radial and bilateral (dark to light to dark or vice versa).
    I know that radial is vignetting but there I lack the possibility to shift the center point. So either a radial grad filter or a shiftable vignette would be great.
  2. The ability to mask the grad filter, using a luminosity based mask like the shadows/highlights tool does. This would allow to darken the sky without having dark foreground elements reaching into the sky, like trees or towers, turn black.

Cheers Stephan

(Sebastien Guyader) #2

Hi Stephan,

It sounds like the Local Lab version of RT would fit both cases.
See Local Lab build to download the latest build.



Hi Sébastien,

I looked at Local Lab again, but:

  • there’s no local vignetting
  • no local gradient

So I don’t see how I should accomplish what I want??

(Sebastien Guyader) #4

Hi Stephan,

Here’s an example of what I achieved with Local Lab. It’s not perfect yet, but I think it’s usable most of time.
I used @Wocket’s photo from a PlayRaw contest.

Original photo (scaled down):

“Grad filter”:
With a single large RT-Spot:

With additional “excluding” RT-spots on the pine tree canopy to protect it:

Decentered “vignette filter”:
One single (decentered, asymmetric) RT-Spot, set to “inverse” mode:

Is that what you expect to do, more or less?

Local Lab build

Ok, now I get how you mean it.
Yes that would be a possibility. I’ll play around with it, thanks you!!