Feature request : Memorize the selection's position

When using the G’MIC Qt plugin for either GIMP or Krita, if you either change your selection or jump to another document tab before the filter is done processing, the resulting image will be pasted in whatever new selection or other document you’re in. (Note: For GIMP it only happens when you change the selection, so you can at least jump to another tab without fear).

In my situation, having the plugin memorize the location of the filtered image to paste would be very (or extremely) useful. Here’s why :
I edit very large images (360° panoramas) on a daily basis and use the Inpaint [Patch-Based] filter very frequently and on large areas, and since this algorithm is single-threaded (and apparently cannot be improved to be multi-threaded), the waiting time is often enormous.
If the G’MIC plugin memorized where to paste, it would allow me to keep working in other areas of my image or other documents while the inpaint is processing.
Right now, my only option is to wait for several minutes without touching anything in Krita/GIMP (even though the program is still fully usable), while only one CPU thread is used.