Feature request : mouse zoom 1:1 when inspecting image



When in “File browser mode > Inspect” I would like to quickly appreciate the quality of an image with a 1:1 zoom without having to type x or z back and forth

One really useful way to do this is to be able to zoom 1:1 while in fit mode by pressing left mouse button. Zoomed zone is the one hoovered by the mouse at that moment, moving the mouse will pan the image. When mouse button is released, back to fit mode.

Thank you for ART that is a great piece of software and thanks for listening

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Sounds reasonable. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestion!

It’s in master now


Hello, works well with a mouse, but it starts scrolling with a Wacom pen. See screen video. No problem for me though, I’m used to the x and the z keys…

simplescreenrecorder-2022-01-27_16.51.06.mkv (1.6 MB)

Thanks a lot for this new feature.
It behaves exactly as expected.