[Feature request] Per Filter G’MIC Settings Save As & Load!


It is critical for an efficient workflow that future G’MIC become able to Save As its settings - Per Filter! - into a nameable file. Then I create another setting for the same favorited filter, then I should be able to save those again.
For my next image in line I want to Load in the first setting of my favorited G’MIC filter, because I’m proceeding incrementally applying two different settings for the same filter for multiple images, one setting applied after the other!


(Sebastien Guyader) #2

Wouldn’t it be faster and easier to just create 2 favorites of your filter, each with its own settings? Then you first apply favorite #1 followed by favorite #2 (and you can even rename your favorites as you like).


(Karsten R) #3

Didn’t you try Favorite? I think that is exactly what you are looking for.


(Mike Bing) #4

Yep, what you want is already there



Unfortunately, favorite settings are deleted - not saved - for me every time I close KRITA.

Anybody has the solution, why Krita doesn’t save the settings for my favorites?

It happened after a reinstall, about 4 versions before.



@mercy Welcome to the forum!

@Reptorian Do you experience this problem?



Couple versions ago Krita dutifully saved my favorites parameters settings, but since about 3.3, every time the settings are reset, after closing Krita. Its really disappointing and time-destroying to find out the magic settings again for a filter. :frowning:



No. I’m using Krita 4.2 Beta with latest G’MIC. I can confirmed it does indeed work. I just clone fave if I wanted the other settings.



I figured you could give @mercy some advice since you use Krita.



He should use the latest Krita beta or 4.1.7, and download from pre-release section of G’MIC download page, and use that. It does indeed work, unless if he sets something to read-mode, and in that case, somewhere somehow something went wrong. And those some-ism is the file responsible for storing fave info.



I uninstalled Krita. Deleted the Roaming folders and all settings.
Reinstalled 4.1.7. I noticed as well that GMIC is in Krita’s main folder. So when last year I configured GMIC to be in a different folder than the default, I think that was when Krita forgot to update the one and only Rodilius favorite, every time I changed it.
Maybe I remember this totally wrong:
I remember having only to favorite a filter, like Rodilius only once and every time I change that single favorited filter, Krita should save & remember its settings all the time.
Maybe it got changed in the newest version.

Now, when I favorite the filter again, it creates a Rodilius (2) with the updated settings. Then I can delete (or keep) the old one or rename it. Finally my settings are saved in this new way: have to favorite the filter again with the new settings.

Thanks for the help, guys!

By the way I have the habit of always updating to GMIC latest. The one in 4.1.7 is old. I simply start Krita, leave it open, then download the latest GMIC v2.5.6 [currently] copy over all its files to the Krita folder and overwrite everything there. What it cannot overwrite, because Krita is running, I skip.

This way GMIC can be updated always to the latest.