Feature suggestion - Converging Verticals

(Andrew) #1

RT has a straighten tool and perspective controls which allow correction of converging verticals, but as far as I know, there’s not a really slick way to do this common adjustment. Hence this suggestion for a new tool, rather like the straighten tool, except to draw 2 lines on the verticals, e.g. -

Apologies for the crap lines but I couldn’t quickly see how to do them properly in Gimp…
On releasing the mouse on the 2nd line, or perhaps pressing a button, RT would calculate and set the Rotation and Vertical perspective sliders, and leave the user to check or uncheck Auto-fill.

I think this would be a good feature, and it seemed when I searched that few apps can do this.

perspective conversion

darktable can do it automatically.

(Alberto) #3

Two vertical lines or two horizontal lines or a square (4 lines), after a click the lines becomes parallel and orthogonal. This would be a great tool :slight_smile:

(darix) #4

For darktable:

  1. Manual way
  2. Automated way

(Andrew) #5

Interesting, thanks.
I’d be delighted with the manual method in RT! It would be so much quicker than iterating as at present.
Automated as well would be the icing on the cake, but it sounds much harder to build, unless the Darktable code can be re-used.

(Andrew) #6

Issue for converging verticals created -