Feature suggestion for "temporary" panning...

Would it be possible to implement a temporary-panning-with-spacebar-held-down function (à la Photoshop) in the ART program?

I found it very useful in PS, and would like to see it available in ART - if:-

a) it’s technically feasible, and
b) enough people like the idea. :wink:

+1 for me, I agree. It would be particularly handy when painting brush masks, etc. or during the use of any tool with an “active” pointer that replaces the standard mouse pointer.

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you can use ctrl+arrows for panning with the keyboard. would that be ok for you?

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Or middle mouse button? But I don’t know Photoshop, so maybe it’s different. (Ok, doesn’t work with color pickers, but at least while masking)

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Gimp also use the spacebar. It’s a very useful and smooth way of handling it. I don’t know why it feel so “light” compared to the click drag. I guess it leaves you mouse completely free to do “actions” like draw or select.


Thanks @agriggio… yes, for me, that’s a sort of ‘7 out of 10’ solution. :wink:

However, I must say that I find the spacebar implementation really good. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a good way of putting it, @nosle. :smiling_face:

I admit I didn’t know about this gimp feature. I’ll take a look


Spacebar+drag pan is not uncommon in graphic software. Affinity Photo does it, too. Does Inkscape? Can’t recall offhand (I’m on my phone here).

I’m at work (don’t tell) sitting with Photoshop and you need to spacebar+click+drag which is nowhere as nice as Gimp spacebar+drag. I’m always amazed, by the way how, I can’t consciously remember keyboard shortcuts but will perform them without issue. (unless flipping quickly between software, which is kind of my job…)

Blender use spacebar for playing the timeline which I do by mistake all the time. Also because it used to be search command.

I have to say that I prefer the Photoshop implementation. However, if this feature were ever to be included in ART, then it would make sense for it to have a setting, to allow the user to select whichever option is preferred. :pray: