Feature suggestion: virtual copies & export presets

Two features would be really great to have in RT:

  1. Virtual copies of images, so that it will be possible to apply different processing parameters to the same source image, and export two differently processed images in one go. A really simple way of implementing this might be via a conventional symlink of the source image on the file system. RT’s second corresponding sidecar file could then point to the symlink but be a traditional file. - Right now, of course, this can be achieved by leaving RT and creating symlinks in the operating system, but it would be more convenient if this were integrated in RT.

  2. User-definable export/output presets [for file format, file template/folder location, quality and Subsampling]. This would (a) make it much easier to switch, for example, between 8bit-JPEG and 16bit-TIFF exports without having to manually redefine all parameters and (b) should also make it possible to output multiple file formats [such as JPEG and TIFF in one go] simply by activating multiple presets in the GUI and having RT consecutively go through them when exporting. - Another possibility would be to provide some scripting interface for the export module which would, for example, allow to run Imagemagick shell scripts on every exported image.

As always, there’s the possibilty that I’m overlooking something that already exists in RT; in that case, please bear with me…

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These are my top feature requests for rt as well.

Yeah, this is one feature I do miss from LR. A somewhat cumbersome workaround that I’ve used has been to save a Processing File for the version I want to keep, then go back to it when I need to. That’s not nearly as convenient as I’d like it to be, though.

Hello, use different snapshots for your first point, virtual copies. Click on one of them, then save, click on another, then save.

Your second point can’t be done in RawTherapee, as far as I know.

I made that suggestion, comment and vote for it. We badly need virtual copy.
Virtual Copy (like Lightroom) · Issue #6761 · Beep6581/RawTherapee (github.com)