features: png HEIC deletion

A few feature requests: I’d like to be able to download PNG files; RPD seems to be unaware of them. I haven’t checked whether RPD handles HEIC yet, but that would be nice as well.

I also would like file deletion as someone else mentioned. An old commercial program I used to use had file deletion and would refuse to delete files until it verified that they were downloaded correctly and completely. It seems like a good safety feature.

Why? I’m not familiar with any camera that creates PNG files.

Code contributions are welcome.

See Rapid Photo Downloader: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I get a lot of PNG files - not as many as JPG,
DNG and CR2, but still quite a few. E.g. my cell phone screen
shots, I take a lot, and want them placed in the date-structured
tree that my other photos are in.

  I think my open camera app also has a PNG option although I am not

using it now. Also get PNG off various things on my Linux boxes.

  It's handy to have something to sort them into the right


  I think you're thinking of "delete" in terms of "move" for future

features. I can live with that, although a separate delete seems

This is the first I’ve heard of a user wanting to save smart phone screenshots alongside regular photos. I doubt it’s a common use case. Do the PNG files even have EXIF / XMP metadata embedded in them?

Sorry, Rapid Photo Downloader is not designed to do that. It is designed to download from cameras, memory cards and portable storage devices. Manipulating files you already have on your computer is the task of other programs.

Sure, my Samsung GS8 screen shots do have EXIF data… and even if
they didn’t I would still benefit from the filing by file date.

Here is an example of EXIF data:
`======== Screenshot_20171228-175751.png``

``ExifTool Version Number         : 11.16``

``      File Name                       :


``Directory                       : .``

``File Size                       : 284 kB``

``File Modification Date/Time     : 2017:12:28 15:57:52-08:00``

``File Access Date/Time           : 2020:02:12 06:51:23-08:00``

``File Inode Change Date/Time     : 2020:02:12 06:56:42-08:00``

``File Permissions                : rwxr--r--``

``File Type                       : PNG``

``File Type Extension             : png``

``MIME Type                       : image/png``

``Image Width                     : 1440``

``Image Height                    : 2960``

``Bit Depth                       : 8``

``Color Type                      : RGB``

``Compression                     : Deflate/Inflate``

``Filter                          : Adaptive``

``Interlace                       : Noninterlaced``

``Significant Bits                : 8 8 8``

``Image Size                      : 1440x2960``

``Megapixels                      : 4.3`

That’s not Exif data. That’s the output of running ExifTool when an image has no Exif/IPTC/XMP data.

You might be right that an actual EXIF field isn’t in there, but somehow EXIFTOOL found the original date the photo was shot, which is useful.

FYI the 1.2 version of the PNG spec has added EXIF data:

ExifTool gets that information from the file system, not from the PNG.

Yes and that’s why I asked if your phone was creating any Exif metadata. But it seems your phone (i.e. Android) does not do that. I would be most surprised if it did.

I don’t think the file system knows when the
photo was taken - it only knows modification and creation date
(and access date) for the file.

  The example I sent you shows that I downloaded the photo more

recently but the photo was taken in 2017.

  The file system does not know this.

  Maybe on some Mac resource fork or something there would be

additional information, but on Linux there is no other information
that is not contained inside the file.