Fedora installation error

I’m trying to install Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.33 in Fedora 35. On my laptop, this worked fine, no issues whatsoever. On my desktop, the installer appears to be processing properly to the “installing collected packages” step, but then it exits following “Received error code 1”.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about my setup, and I didn’t see this specific issue in a search of the forums (though unfortunately I can’t give you much information beyond “error code 1”).

Any suggestions?

PS. System is fully up to date other than whatever might have come out today.

Are you using a fedora package or the RPD install script?

Sorry, at the moment it’s extremely difficult for me to diagnose the problem because of medical reasons.

Meanwhile, were you able to fix the problem?

The good news is that Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.33 is coming to Fedora 35 and 36.

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Please, look after your health first. RPD is great, but … look after yourself please!

(I haven’t been able to get it fixed, but that’s GREAT news that the updated version is headed to the Fedora repo.)

Initially fedora package. Realized it was a few versions behind, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled with the install script (including attempting to download the 0.9.33 package and explicitly indicate the installation of that version). Apologies, I thought I had mentioned that but it was clearly a case of what was in my brain not making it out of my fingers.

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you might like to try this:

sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing --advisory=FEDORA-2022-50a2685dce

To be clear, I have not tested that package myself. Those instructions are from the person who put the package together.