File access on macOS Catalina

Hi. RawTherapee 5.7 is working for me on macOS Catalina (it’s starting), but I cannot access my files due to the new system security. The problem is, that RawTherapee doesn’t ask for access as like other apps. And unfortunately I cannot add it the manually to the system preferences. Any ideas?

Catalina support is beta at this point. You should be able access files in ~ and ~/Pictures

@lupurus As a temporary workaround for file access you can open RT through the terminal to regain access to the file system.

@lupurus Welcome to the forum.

It could be a permissions or security thing. For the past while, the Mac has been verifying apps aggressively. I don’t have one so I cannot tell you how to bypass some of those checks.

Hi all,
any news on this issue? I can’t access my external HD from either Rawtherapee or Darktable, while GIMP works fine. I guess that, as the update was rolled out, the support for Catalina is not in beta any more?
Thx for your support.

Correction: it works fine with the latest version of darktable. So, it’s only the Rawtherapee part of my workflow that’s unavailable.

@Yannic_Meerbergen help test:

The plan was to release 5.8 tonight, so testing is needed urgently.

For a while a file-access entitlement to / was not working but it works now in my test build.

I’ve downloaded RT today, and it still cannot access files on external drives (connected via Thundebolt). And no dialog appears for the problem and I cannot add RT in the system preferences.

Well Catalina is not new, now :wink:

Any solution, hints, or tips (starting RT via terminal does not solve the problem).

Thanks in advance.

@HIRAM has worked hard on this issue, many thanks to him.

See RawTherapee macOS Catalina FAQs

@paperdigits, thanks for the tip. I’ve tried the sudo command, no change, no access to external drives :frowning:

What is the path you’re looking at for the external drive?

The path is as follows: “/Volumes/Medien/Bilder/Eigene_Fotos/…”. In RT I see only “/Volumes/Medien”. I have attached two screenshots, one screenshot of finder and one of RT.

RT + medien

:peanuts:…Weird… :chipmunk:

I can not reproduce. Use external and network drives heavily all day long with RT/Catalina/Big Sur. Did you try the last build I made… it’s in my keybase,

Hello @HIRAM, your build works!

I installed it. The first time I started it, it “crashed” immediately. The second time I started it, the application asked me for permission to access external drives, and now everything works fine!

The previous installed build didn’t asked me for permission.

Thank you very much!

I have the same issue but with the last Big Sur soft and this .dmg from zip folder doesn’t work. Maybe you have something new? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I tried again and your RT .dmg working with latest Big Sur! Thanks