File browser does not work on network storage unit

First, I’m new to this software.
My problem is that I can’t get the file browser to work on my NAS.
I store all original photos on my DS 218, locally on my network.
I have found the setting where to point the home directory. It works “ish”.
I can open and see the files in the directory, but I don’t see the subdirectories, nor can I change level in the structure. What’s wrong? It works perfectly with other software like Lightroom etc.

Hej Anders & välkommen!

Operating system?

Claes i Lund

Neither software (RawTherapee, darktable) work? Or did you perhaps mean to mark only one of them in this question?

I första hand försöker jag få ART att fungera för mig. Mitt intrycket av Rawtherapy är att det verkar vara för långsamt för mitt stora bildarkiv.
Jag använder windows 11 på min PC. Min NAS är en Synology DS218.
På den äldre maskinen har jag ADOBE Lightroom som funkar klockrent men tyvärr kan jag inte flytta licensen till den nya maskinen. Därför tittar jag på alternativ. Jag är fotograf av den gamla skolan som skapar bilder i kameran och inte med mjukvaran. Jag behöver dock ett Photoshop / Lightroom liknade verktyg.


In first hand I try ART. Rawtherapee seems slow on my windows 11.


Try using a symlink… make it something like c:\Originals for your base folder on the NAS …Then just try accessing them that way…

ALso I think it has come up before but if you use special characters from your language then depending on the version of DT or other that you are using it can run in to trouble reading the files…

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Is the volume presented as NFS or NTFS?

I finally gave up on trying to use an NFS volume with Windows clients and went to NTFS. Now that (for the time being at least) there no Linux clients on my network it makes sense.

OK. So, if you use ART, you should tag your post with Software / ART, not with darktable and RawTherapee:

I’ve changed that for you.

Thank you,
Sorry but I thought Rawtherapee and ART shared the same basic modules.