file browser find files on sd card

Hi, I am new to raw therapee and am having trouble finding the folder with the raw images on want to edit in it. The folder is in my sd card which shows up on my computer when I insert it, but I cannot locate it in “file browser”. The only main folder it shows to find things in is “/” and I can’t find the sdcard in that folder to open. it also wont let me drag and drop folder into program thumbnail like some other programs. Anyone know how I could locate sd card to edit the raw photos on it? Thank you!

Good morning, Emily (ciao?),
What Operating System and version are you using?

On macOS, the SD card mounts under /Volumes/.

Not a very good idea to edit the photos directly off the SD Card. You should copy them to your local disk.


Can you give the reasons for this? Thanks

Several reasons:

  • Safety / backup - If something happens to one of the images, that’s it - It’s gone forever. Better to make a copy on your HD and work from there.

  • Data integrity - This is a bit of a swag but I strongly suspect hard drives are more optimized for repeated read / write access than a card, so there’s less chance of data corruption.

  • Speed - SD card access is typically much slower than hard drive

  • Organization - Typically you want your images in some kind of organized / hierarchical folder tree, which won’t be true on your card.

And last one, the SD card is a removable media, so it can be extracted by mistake before all I/O is done and committed. In which case you may lose the file you are working one, and all the other ones if you are unlucky.