File browser & inspect

ART 1.20 from the zip file on an opensuse leap 15.4. It works but…

When I’m browsing the images and using the inspect window, I get lost. I don’t know which thumbnail I’m viewing.

Is the a way of highlighting the current thumbnail being viewed?

I’m using the theme “default” because all the other ones are deprecated.


Hm, it is, at least a bit.

Can you show how it looks for you?

When I browse, I lose track of which one it is. In this case, it’s row 2, right hand side.

If the thumbnail could have a red or an orange frame to contrast the sea of greys, I wouldn’t delete images by mistake, like I just did before making the request.


I think the main reason it’s not as visible on your system is because you’ve disabled all the additional textual data (filename, image info, etc.) so the ‘frame’ surrounding each thumbnail is much smaller and therefore the (minimally) highlighted active frame isn’t nearly as noticeable. For example, here’s mine:

(second row, right thumbnail)

Maybe try including a little more info so the frame has more ‘surface area’ ?? But I agree, a more apparent highlight would be preferable.

Go to themes/_ART.css. At lines 2568 - 2570 there is:

#FileCatalog:selected {
    background-color: @ART-bgDark01;

Change this to

#FileCatalog:selected {
    background-color: @ART-hl;

There are multiple entries like that, so make sure to hit the one at the correct lines. It will then use the highlight-color set in the preferences.

If this is too bright since you want your white text info back, you can define a color mix.

Insert at the top of the css file:

@define-color selected mix(@ART-hl, black, 0.45);

(eg. mix it with black to darken it)

Then change lines 2568 - 2570 to:

 #FileCatalog:selected {
     background-color: @selected;

Or you use background-color: mix(@ART-hl, black, 0.45); without the define at the top.

Highlight is now darker, text is better to read:

Or to freely choose a color by rgb values (propably the easiest and most versatile way, although it might not be automatically coherent with the general color theme):

#FileCatalog:selected {
    background-color: rgb(3,3,200);

Or “define” it, however you like.


Perfect! Thanks

It’s so much easier now to find where I’m. :grinning:

I’ve tweaked the rendering of thumbnails to give a better visual indication of the selection without being too disturbing (I hope). Here’s how it looks now:

Screenshot from 2023-06-08 08-46-58