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I understand when I click on a folder RT will create a file to faster access later. Is it possible to scan the whole picture folder and its subfolder? Because it take a while to open each folder one by one.

Thanks for the nice software.

Hi @ActarusLeGrand, welcome to PIXLS! It’s not possible to open all subfolders at the same time. There is a feature request for it and it’s on my personal to-do list.

Hello Lawrence37
I just discovered DigiKam, it does that and a lot more. It’s another free and open-source software. I encourage you to take a look at it, I am sure they can be both used at same time. [Digikam]( enjoy. It pretty much look like the library module in LightRoom. If you use the writing into HEX file RawTherapee can read them. To try.
Have a nice day.

digiKam is great. It complements RawTherapee nicely. I use it to tag and search for images. I use RawTherapee to process raw images.


To understand, if I writes in Exif with digikam 4 stars (for example) Rawtherapee will read it, but if then on Rawtherapee I change to one star, for Rawtherapee it will be one star also if Exif will remain 4 stars, because it don’t write exif, but it write one star somewhere and this last one is more important than exif for rawtherapee. Right?

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