file extension association in windows 8.1

(James Collins) #1

Not sure if there was already a topic on this. Just set up file extension association in windows 8.1 for the rawtherapee’s file ext. pp3. But when I click on the file in explorer rawtherapee opens up but there is no image any suggestions or comments. Also when I’m in rawtherapee and I want to open a image that I have been working on that was saved as a .pp3 file I don’t see it my folders.


RT has its own internal browser. I usual open the files from there by typing in the path. It looks like this.


(Roel) #3

That’s a misunderstanding of what a pp3 file is: it does not contain the image, it contains processing parameters. The original image is always left untouched. See for yourself and try to open a pp3 file in Notepad.

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

“All changes are stored in sidecar files. You can find out more about them in…”

(James Collins) #5

went back in a read the part about the side car, then went back into a photo that i had previously played with and drastically changed the settings for exposure and such then went to the bottom of the screen and hit shift+ctrl+s and save the new pp3 file. Sure enough when i opened it back up the chages were there. Thanks for your feedback.

(Roel) #6

You do not even need to save the sidecar file manually. When you edit a photo, it creates it immediately and stores all your processing parameters whenever you update them.