File info for photo

Hi, Can I open a photo in GIMP and go to a info box and add things like what camera was used with setting, maybe a cutline about the photo?

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Have you read the manual? 6.34. Image Properties

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Exactly what I was looking for. I read a few things in the manual but went right by Image Properties.
Thanks for p[pointing that out to me.

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Normally, this information is automatically add to the JPEG/raw file by the camera (aka EXIF/XMP)… See Image > Metadata > View metadata.

Photo from my smartphone:

Photo from my camera:


Assuming they are not there already, if you need to add them to the picture, putting them in the Exif tags makes them usable by other applications. But you will also need another app to edit them.

Thanks for all your help guys! :+1: