FIle manager photo navigation in darkroom - forward and backward


(Bruce Gordon) #1

In darkroom view, one can advance to the next photo to the right by using the space bar. Is there a shortcut to go to the previous photo? It would be useful for comparing for instance bracketed shots to be able to navigate easily among them in the view.

(Manfred Kröhnert) #2

I navigate to the previous image in darkroom mode with the combination shift+space.
However, I do not recall if this a default mapping, or if I created it myself.


it’s backspace.

(Bruce Gordon) #4

Aha! On my MacBook, it is indeed “delete” or “backspace” key–as there is no forward delete key like other systems. You must use fn+delete to delete to the right. I guess I was averse to hitting delete for anything but delete, and of course I could assign something else. Thanks for the reminder!


You can try. I didn’t manage to simply assign the arrow keys.

(Glenn) #6

The keyboard shortcut issue is still present for over a year now, with no resolution. The response indicates that “the person who created that is no longer on the project” and makes it sound like no-one else knows how to fix it. This does not inspire confidence that this issue will be resolved any time soon. :frowning: