file renaming during import - sequence, model (dt 2.6.2 on Windows 10)

(I have no clue why the variables below are not showing as I entered them here.)

Hello darktable experts,

I am using darktable 2.6.2 on Windows 10 and the camera Fujifilm X-E3.

Now I encountered two non-critical issues while using file renaming functionality during import:
My current naming scheme is:


This works.

What I would like to optimize the scheme for my personal workflow and want to

  1. have the sequence number optional, so that it is only added to the filename, when the fileneme without sequence already existis. That would occur with fotos taken in the same second.

  2. add the camera model to the filename. Using “(MODEL)" or " (EXIF.MODEL)” doesn’t work during import for me.

Any idea how these two non-critical items could be realized?

Thanks in advance for taking your time!


The tool that is often used for doing this is rapid photo downloader. but you might have to help with getting windows support for it.

Thanks for the suggestion to use rapid photo downloader.
Currently I prefer to stick to only darktable. This is more important for me than the advantage of my nice-to-haves, which would be solved by yet another tool.

But still I can help to make rapid photo downloader better. Let me know any test cases or so. Then I try to support.


Here is an example what I have:
2019-04-10_181526_0001.raf resp. 2019-04-10_181526_0002.raf

Here is an example what I want:
2019-04-10_181526_X-E3.raf resp. 2019-04-10_181526_X-E3-2.raf

Does anybody have a suggestion?
Would be really great.