File Renaming Options on import: digiKam

According to this article one can rename the photos while importing them to digiKam.

I’ve looked for File Renaming Options as described in this article but I cannot find it anywhere. I’ve mount my CF card to see if it will appear after the Import function activated but nowhere to be found.

Am I doing something wrong?

digiKam Version 7.8.0

Just made a bash script file for converting whatever imported into the given directory by cli first arg to dated directories and then recursivelly naming those files according to camera’s model name and dateTime when the shot was taken. Here it is:

if [ -d "$DIR" ]
	if [ "$(ls -A $DIR)" ]
        cd $DIR
		exiftool '-Directory<DateTimeOriginal' -d %m%Y .
		exiftool '-filename<${model;}_${createdate#;DateFmt("%d-%b-%y_%H%M%S")}_$filenumber.%e' . -r
		echo "$DIR is Empty"
	echo "Directory $DIR not found."

All based in this site and this one

*EDIT: added the _$filenumber parameter for filenaming since if a/or more picture(s) was/were taken in the same second then renaming for the second/third/… file could not occur.

I seem to remember running into that as well. My solution was to use Rapid Photo Downloader instead.

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