Filemanager / RAW Viewer?

Hi there,

i sucessfully installed “Little Backup Box” and also the variant with progress information (

I read about the File Browser on the original “Little Backup Box” or the RAW Viewer in the variant.

Unfortunately i don’t know how to open it. On the variant there is a button RAW Viewer in the webpage, but no images are shown. And on the original “Little Backup Box” i don’t know how to open the filemanager.

Can you give me a hint please?


The Little Backup Book has all the answers. :wink:

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I see what you did there :slight_smile:

I’m clever like that. :slight_smile:

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Okay, bought it and found the port but it doesn’t work. Also when booting you see a error message about filemanager.

$systemctl status filebrowser.service
filebrowser.service - File Browser
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/filebrowser.service; enables; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Thu 2021-04-15 12:32:03 BST: 1min 14s ago
Main PID= 514 (code=existed, status=203/EXEC)

Hm, I need to look into that. Thank you for buying the book! :slight_smile:

No problem. Tell me if you need more information or if i can help.

It works on my Little Backup Box installation. I’ll try to do a clean install, and see if I can reproduce the issue. I’ll keep you posted.

I also did a clean installation with the latest Raspi Lite OS and the official build. Doesn’t work. I can give you a result if it works with a Pi 4 in a couple of days.

I think I’ve found the culprit. Could you run the following command on the Raspberry Pi?

ln -s /media/storage /home/pi/little-backup-box/scripts

Reboot the machine and see if it helps. Thanks!

error message (translated): the link already exists

Thank you! Hm, so that wasn’t the problem, then. I’ll keep digging.

OK, one more request, if I may. Could you run the following command on the Raspberry Pi and post the output here?

/usr/local/bin/filebrowser -a -r /media/storage

Thank you!

file or directory not found

$ls /usr/local/bin

So there is only one directory in /usr/local which is oled. Is a package missing?

Strange. And what does the which filebrowser command says?

no output.

But to be absolutely sure here:
I first used the official “little backup box” package and the error on boot was always there - on every try. At the moment is installed after a clean install of Raspi Lite OS.

OK, so it looks like filebrowser installation is failed. I’ll look into it. Thank you very much for your help!

Ah, mystery solved (I think)! The URL to the installer file changed. You can run the command below to install the tool:

curl -fsSL | bash

That should do the trick.

Works perfectly! Thank you very much!

Excellent! And thank you for helping to pinpoint the issue!