Filename problem

today i had a problem with filenames. I named my files with the camera temperature using the degree symbol °, e.g. NGC281_-10°C-Offset100-Gain177.fits. I store the files on my linux fileserver via samba.

I can easily open the files from the network drive directly but trying to convert them fails. After i have renamed the files and replaced the ° by “Grad” (german word for degree) it works. Looks like accessing the files with the open function and during conversion works different. OS is Windows 10, Siril 1.0.6 last official version.

Ciao, Udo

Hello, it seems I have forgotten using the windows-specific function in conversion indeed. I’ll fix it for next version.
Thanks for the report!

Hello. If you uncheck the symbolic link option. Is it working?

No - with or without symbolic link it does not work. But it looks like the problem is with the sequence filename, not with the filenames of the single images.

Ciao, Udo

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Thx. Your remark will help us.