Film Simulation

Salute. Maybe someone can explain what the designations mean in the simulation of the film for the same model, for example Portra 160 1- и Portra 160 2

Hi @SpikeOne, welcome! Unless there is a hidden meaning, I think this is simply two variants of the same film simulation. It might also have to do with the fact that there have been upgrades of the film itself:

From RawPedia:

The suffixes +, ++, +++, -, --, — refer to the strength the film was pushed or pulled during development (non-linear), and “generic” refers to the film type usually sold for rebranding.


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Otherwise said, take an Ilford HP5 400 ISO (default), then the designation HP5+ means that the film simulator simulates that this film is exposed at 800 ISO (pushed 1 stop), which results with the real HP5 in more grain. How much more depends on the analogue developer used of course. Agfa Rodinal is perfect to accentuate film grain with HP5.

Thanks to all. For some reason, I did not notice the explanation on RawPedia.

And I’m sorry if I wrote a little sloppy. I am writing through a translator.

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But remember that using LUTs alone you cannot simulate film grain :wink:

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