Film simulations, RT

(Martin) #1


I have a few questions about the film simulations in Rawtherapee. The films I’m refering to is the ones you can download in this link “Rawtherapee film simulation collection”".

  1. What does the (-) and (+) mean on each simulation?

  2. Does the simulations only change colors or are they doing something with contrast aswell? Are you supposed to apply contrast, and / or curves after a film simulation are applied or is that not the purpose when using film simulation?

  3. Is there any more simulations available for the program than the ones in my link? If so, where can I find them?

Thank you!


1. This might help:

2. They only map colours to other colours, which may or may not alter the contrast.

(Mica) #3
  1. RT uses a LUT format called HaldCLUT. There are many LUT types and the internet is littered with them. Sometimes you can successfully convert between LUT formats.

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

It’s explained in the docs.

What they do is also explained in the docs. This can be easily verified - open the identity image, reduce exposure by say 2 stops, save, then apply the saved HaldCLUT to some image. What happens?