Filmstrip size, position and thumbnail quality

ART is really awesome, it is my exclusive raw editor of choise.

However, I have some observations/suggestsions about the filmstrip. I switched to single editor tab mode with filmstrip recently, because ART opens photos much faster in this mode. And so hence my feedback about it :slight_smile:

1.By default, filmstrip takes quite a lot of vertical screen space. I pull it up a little bit to hide some stuff like filter buttons and it becomes better and more usable for me. I think I’m relying on a non-documented feature here, so it would be nice to have this as an actual feature - a way to reduce vertical screen space consumption.

2.I also find the positon of the filmstrip on the top as quite unusual - most of the software have it on the bottom, or maybe it is just me, but I would prefer to have it on the bottom. Not a big deal at all though.

3.Thumbnail quality, or more like their resizing method/smoothness is realy poor. Before I open a photo (or apply a profile without opening) - thumbnail looks like it was resized with nearest filtering - it looks really bad, especially with portraits. It gets better of course once I open the photo (or apply a profile without opening), but still not great. I use embedded jpeg for thumbnail generation, because raw look without any editing sometimes is too off.

Again, these are just some suggestsions/observations. Thanks in any case!

You can get some more pixels of height by moving the tabs to the side.



Iirc there’s also a shortcut (ctrl+t perhaps?) to hide the toolbar in the filmstrip.
Regarding thumbnail quality, I’ll see what I can do.
The top position doesn’t bother me much, but I agree that ideally it should be configurable. Another small thing to think about I guess :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback!

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Shift + t


Thanks! I didn’t know about shift+t.

Yep, it would be cool to be able to move the filmstrip to the bottom.

Ok, there you go… enjoy! :slight_smile:



Hello, nice addition, but in multi-tab mode the panel with Navigator, Queue, open files, etc. now always appears on the left instead of on top. I prefer the latter position.

Oh, sorry! That was an oversight… should be fixed now, thanks for reporting!

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