Filmulator and HiDPI

Today, I decided to try KDE with Wayland instead of X, and was surprised when I was greeted with 2X scaling on my 4K monitor.

I decided to take the opportunity to see how Filmulator behaved with scaling.

By default, most things were being nearest-neighbor scaled by 2X, including Firefox, and the Qt Creator IDE (which doesn’t have Wayland support so I had to force it to use X).

When I launched Filmulator, it likewise was nearest-neighbor scaled up by a factor of two, leaving the UI incredibly blocky.

However, when I manually launched Filmulator with the argument -platform wayland, it instantly rendered sharply, at 2x size.

It was missing window decorations, which apparently is a quirk of Wayland that needs to be dealt with, but aside from that, there were only two issues: zooming to 1:1 no longer matched the screen resolution, and the Canvas element we use to draw the histograms is blocky.

The 1:1 preview zoom was fixed in short order, but I need to consult this Stack Overflow question to make Canvas render smoothly.

Overall, I’m very pleased with QML’s ability to make a seamless transition to HiDPI desktop environments.

I would include screenshots, but apparently KDE doesn’t record full-resolution screenshots when the display is scaled…

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