Filmulator does not recognize Sony DSC-F828 raw files

I have an old camera, a Sony DSC-F828 that I love to use despite being just a few years shy of two decades old. This camera is notable for being the only consumer camera to use an RGBE color filter array rather than RGBG. The file format for the raws is .SRF, rather than the .ARW or .SR2 that Sony usually uses. Filmulator doesn’t even “see” these files. I tried converting to DNG, and while Filmulator sees these files and allows them to be imported, the DNGs appear solid black (only in Filmulator).

Is support for this camera possible? Or is there some other trick I might try to get my raw files working in filmulator?

The F828 has a four-color CFA and I haven’t implemented support for that yet. It affects the white balancing, demosaicing, and color space conversion stuff.

After the next version I’ll look into it—consider it to be “on the list”, but it might be harder than one would expect.

If it’s any help, libraw and darktable (which uses libopenraw rather than libraw) are able to demosaic and white balance it. Rawtherapee sort of works with it but doesn’t demosaic properly or white balance properly. So if you need code to work from, perhaps libraw or libopenraw’s code could be a startin point. I wish I could help but I am not savvy enough with programming

FWIW, darktable doesn’t use libopenraw, but rawspeed to access raw files. rawspeed doesn’t do any processing, it is all done by dt.

Yeah you’re right. I got the name mixed up with libgphoto2, which I saw in the /darktable/lib folder the other day. Not sure what it does though

It’s not a difficulty in understanding how to do it, it’s a difficulty in fitting into the existing pipeline and handling 4 channels of white balance and color matrix properly.