Filmulator "Nightly" Builds: Now for Windows and Linux

2021-01-06: v0.11.0rc6

In light of variants of DNGs produced by various applications that are unsupported by LibRaw having shown up on the forum, I improved the checks Filmulator makes when importing to properly reject files that cannot be processed.

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2021-01-10: v0.11.0rc7

The Organize view now starts on the current date.

When on the Organize tab, the left and right arrow keys now changes the selected day. Holding shift while you use the left and right arrow keys lets you select a range of dates, much like with the mouse.

When you right-click on an image, the image rating shortcuts now apply to the right-clicked image and not the image currently selected in the Filmulate tab.

2021-01-26: v0.11.0rc3 (yes it skipped a few

  • Attempt to deal with a bug on NFS network shares
  • Attempt to fix importing from UNC file paths on Windows
  • When you save an image, a popup appears to indicate that it worked
  • After updating Lensfun, the user is now prompted to restart.

2021-01-28: v0.11.0rc5

@quiteinterested I’ve fixed TIFF export ISO sensitivity metadata.

Fantastic. Yes it’s working now. Thanks!

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I’ve just noticed that if the exposure time is sufficiently fast, then the metadata for the exported TIFF file lists the exposure time as 0.0 seconds (I think the value is not being recorded).

The cut-off happens somewhere between 1/60 and 1/150 (i.e. TIFFs with an exposure time of longer than 1/60 carry the correct metadata).

It happens with both DNG and RW2 raw files.

More mysteries to investigate…

Haha! It was ever thus…


What application are you reading it with?

Filmulator is writing a floating point value and it’s being read fine by exiv2, but the tag is supposed to be rational and LibTiff can’t write them from what I can tell.

I’m going to try to make it use Exiv2 again, which darktable apparently does successfully, but the last time I did that it was crashing Photoshop. So I need someone with Photoshop to test that it works once I make a change.

I’m using Rawtherapee and a Windows-only application called FastStone Image Viewer. Unfortunately I don’t have access to Photoshop so I’m of no help in that regard.

If switching to darktable will solve the issue I’m happy to do that; I have no particular attachment to Rawtherapee after having become familiar with your software, and it is only for high ISO files requiring noise reduction that I use TIFF export.

Update 2021-01-31: v0.11.1rc6

  • TIFFs now have the correct format shutter speed metadata; I do need people with Photoshop to test that the TIFF output doesn’t cause crashes.
  • A backslash in a string broke one translation; I fixed that.
  • When you use a raw file as an argument to Filmulator, it imports it and now also directly loads it and goes to the Filmulate tab.

Update 2021-02-04: v0.11.1rc7

By request on Reddit I made it possible to override the “do not import in place from a directory containing DCIM because it can be a memory card” error.

Update 2021-02-12: v0.11.1rc8

@Luemmel may be happy to hear that I’ve implemented a white balance picker for Filmulator.

When you pick the white balance, it stores the settings per-camera for the editing session so you can easily apply it to other images. You can also store manually-set white balance values.

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Yes, that makes me happy :grinning:.
BTW: I can test a exiv2 implementation in Photoshop if it is still needed.

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Update 2021-02-14: v0.1.11rc9

The pre-Filmulation and post-Filmulation histograms now correspond only to the area of the crop (though Filmulation still runs on the full image to make make cropping more responsive).

I can’t do this nearly as simply for the raw histogram, though, because of the presence of distortion correction…

Additionally, you can now hit the Esc key to cancel the dropdown box for lens selection; this is nice if you search for a lens but can’t find it.

New white balance features are fantastic; thanks!

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Update 2021-04-07: v0.11.2rc1

I took a bit of a break, and now I’m back.

I added a Help button that causes applicable tooltips to show instantaneously instead of with a delay, which should help users explore the in-application documentation more easily.

Additionally, I enabled directory import to follow symlinks (and added a 20-deep recursion limit), as well as enabling it to open file symlinks (which is needed to work with git-annex.

Thanks for sharing all your hard work on this with us. I thought I would start to play around with Filmulator and I have one question is there a way to compare the original image with the state of the current edit…essentially a preview vs original toggle?? Thx

Not at the moment.

At some point I may add the ability to save multiple edits of the same file but I haven’t worked out a good UI for it.

Thx…Ya even a way to add a global opacity slider or something maybe not sure…it would just be nice to be able to toggle to the original to see visually where you have gone with the image…