Filmulator "Nightly" Builds: Now for Windows and Linux

I don’t know since which build. I tested with v0.11.2rc3

Is this on Windows?

The AppImage works fine on all the D700 raws I’ve collected.

Yes, on Windows

For me it’s on Linux, D700 NEFs, double clicking them does not help in my instance. The last two (2021-06-24 and 2021-06-27) builds have this issue while the third from last is fine.

BTW, amazing NR implementation, love it! :slightly_smiling_face:

@heckflosse too

If you go to the Settings tab and click the button for Download latest camera constants you’ll fix the issue.

In the meantime, I’ve got a new build running.

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Updated 2021-07-07: v0.11.2rc4

Fixed processing when camconst.json has not been downloaded.

I discovered filmulator a couple of weeks ago and I must say that this is the most promising raw editor I’ve used this far. Makes it fun to edit again, and I love the output! I am really only missing a vignette tool. A basic slider for adjusting vignetting for any lens and image, like in the old linux program rawstudio where you could do basic lensfun corrections (CA and vignette) manually. Would it be possible to add something like that in the future?

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That’s a good idea, I should probably do that.

Maybe I can even make it remember them per focal length for zoom lenses and try to fit the corrections or something…

That would be wonderful! As for the focal length and zooms, that would probably be a good idea, but maybe a bit over the top? For me this would be most useful for manual/vintage lenses where there is no exif or lensfun profile to select. And sometimes I also like to add the occasional vignette to an image…Anyhow, great work, this app really fills a gap in raw editing on linux (and other platforms too I imagine).

Updated 2021-10-29: v0.11.2rc5

A relatively major change: I reordered the pipeline to fix white balance once and for all. Turns out not quite “for all”, since Libraw won’t give one of the matrices I need for the Sigma fp and fp L… I’ll have to deal with that.

Anyway, the old white balance would totally break for Fuji 26mp cameras in extremely warm lighting with AWB. Additionally, adjusting white balance away from the default would lose highlight dynamic range. Now both of those are fixed.

This does, however, mean that you might need to tweak white balance and exposure compensation on your previously imported photos.

With the reordering also comes a few changes to the ordering of the tools, and new tools.

First off there is a new alternate-demosaic switch which lets you switch to LMMSE and xtransfast demosaicing for Bayer and X-Trans raws respectively. LMMSE used to be bundled with noise reduction, but now it’s split off. Interestingly, the required noise reduction settings vary dramatically depending on what demosaicing was used, especially in high noise situations. LMMSE needs higher luminance NR than Amaze, but it gives much better results at those higher values. Fuji with the Markesteijn algorithm turns into a total blur really quickly at surprisingly low luminance NR settings, while the xtransfast algorithm seems to be almost completely unaffected by the nonlocal means luminance NR. Weird.

NR interacts more favorably with lens corrections; it now occurs before Lensfun, so distortion correction doesn’t interfere with how sharp the noise is.

Using NR might result in an increased memory footprint now. I have some ideas planned for having intermediate levels of memory saving versus caching, but that is not ready yet.

Additionally, at least on 0.11.2rc4, there was a bug in which cropping or leveling and making no changes would cause the program to loop continuously, manifesting as all the histograms flickering. This bug has been fixed.


Just thinking out load (so probably wrong :slight_smile: )… if the NR is applies before lens correction , that means that vignetting correction isn’t applied yet.
Wouldn’t this have the effect that the corners of an image get more of a total exposure boost eventually, and bring the noise more forward… Requiring more NR in the corners ?

The darker the image that’s fed into the noise reduction algorithm, the stronger the NR at any given setting, so this is in fact the right way to do it.

Updated 2021-11-10: v0.11.2rc6

This fixes a bug where changing Lensfun lens corrections and image rotation would erroneously summon up the first image you processed.

It also improves performance by reducing redundant computation.

Additionally, it has significantly improved noise reduction in extreme white balance situations, mildly improved otherwise.


When I install the .exe, I get two missing DLL.

Updated 2021-11-12: v0.11.2rc7 for Windows only

I’ve added the two missing DLLs (someone else told me which ones their computer asked for); if it asks for more could you tell me what they are?

Thanks for the new build. Filmulator now appears to crash during startup. Running WIndows 10.

I am seeing the same issue in W10 for the 0.11.2rc7 build. Installs fine, but when started, nothing happens. I monitored the task manager and there’s not even a process started for the program. I’m not sure if it opens first then crashes for you but for me it’s a total failure to launch. I tried running in admin mode as well.

I booted up my Windows machine to try it and the same happened to me.

I’ll have to do some investigating…

Yes, I see nothing happen in task manager, but it may happen so fast it never gets updated to the screen.

This happened to me a while ago with some qt software I was building for work. It was missing some plugins (so dll files not included but without windows yelling that something is missing ).

  1. there was an utility with qt to copy a bunch of files to make a redistributable package. Are you using it ? Might at least give a hint about what might be missing

  2. there were debug environment variables you could set before launching the app to get more insight in the qt start procedure and where it might be failing . For the live of me I can’t remember.