Filmulator on various desktop environments

I was checking the Github project for traffic, and noticed some coming from this thread on the French darktable forum. Google translate here.

Has anyone else had experience with Filmulator not behaving well on real genuine desktop Linux? (not in VMs) Can some of the French speakers here help me figure out what problems they’re having?

Otherwise, it looks like I’ll need to go make some LiveDVDs to try out a wider variety of operating systems…

AppImage works for me on KDE neon.

Mint 17 is pretty old, no?

Where did they say Mint 17?

Sorry I misread, Ubuntu 17.04 works, undisclosed version of Mint does not.

Thank you for seeing the problem I exposed on darktableFR and having done this tread. I actually have a problem displaying Filmulator AppImage with Linux Mint 18.2 with Cinnamon. I can put a picture of the problem. It works perfectly with Ubuntu 17.04 and the Budgie and Mate environment. So I tried with Mate and Budgie under Linux Mint 18.2 and there I have monstrous fonts and the window largely outgrows the size of my screen without possibility of changing the size. As I have problems with Hugin, I get the impression that it comes from my Linux Mint Installed version.
Best regards.

Could you post a screenshot of the problem?

Do you have desktop scaling? I haven’t really tested how it interacts with that; I made the program so that you can manually increase the scale of the entire interface if you want to.

If you go to the Settings tab, the slider controls the scale. You might want to try reducing it to less than 1.

I pass a screen shots to you because a screenshot does not allow to see the overflight of the lower panel:

Thank you for the interest in my problem. I will try the method to have a correct display with other window environments.

I forgot to specify that Ubuntu 17.04 and Linux Mint 18.2 run on the same machine from multi-boot.

I’m French and I can test something on my genuine Manjaro distro, if needed. Just let me know what I need to try.

I think like I found with Ubuntu 17.04 that Filmulator works on other distributions. To test, simply download :
to make it executable and to launch it. If you are interested in darktable, you can join us on

On Manjaro XFCE, the appimage launches fine. However, when I try to import a directory or a raw file, Filmulator crashes with this error:

QSqlQuery::value: not positioned on a valid record
importWorker no replace, doesn't exist
terminate called after throwing an instance of "Exiv2::BasicError<char>"
      what():  /2017/08/2017-08-20/IMGP2647_LaZtbAQ.PEF: Failed to open the data source:  (errno = 2)
Aborted (core dumped)

Did you set a destination directory when you imported? It looks like it’s trying to put stuff in /, which isn’t allowed.

Alternatively, you can import in place.

(I’ll have to deal with that so it doesn’t crash.)

@CarVac yes that was the problem, I had not set a destination directory. With that set, the Filmulator works fine on my system.