Filmulator v0.10.2 released!

Now announcing Filmulator version 0.10.2!

This is a smaller release, change-wise, than most, but you may really feel the difference in use.


  • Filmulator will now preload the next image in your “direction of travel” in the work queue, for faster loading. This makes culling quicker because you get a higher resolution view sooner. It also remembers the last image you had selected, so you can quickly switch back and forth between different non-consecutive images.


  • The rating filter sliders now display X instead of -1.


  • TIFF metadata writing is handled more gracefully, so the output no longer crashes Photoshop.

Builds are available for Linux and Windows, but still no MacOS builds are available at this time. Please get in touch if you can help set up CI for MacOS builds.


Congratulations on the release @CarVac!

wow another xmas present! I’m a darktable user but I really like Filmulator - it would probably be my main tool if I was a single-photo-edit guy (instead of batch-tagging&processing). Thanks!

Thanks a lot.
Great present indeed :slight_smile: