Filmulator v0.9.1 released!

In trying to keep releases more frequent, here’s Filmulator version 0.9.1!

The following are the changes since version 0.9.0:


  • The film area is revealed numerically instead of being SF, MF, or LF.
  • A bug when shadow rolloff + highlight rolloff exceeded 1 has been fixed.
  • When initiating cropping, the grab handles briefly flash, to help onboard new users.


  • Images briefly flash when enqueued via double-clicking, to provide feedback.
  • The date histogram scrollbar becomes transparent when hovered so that it doesn’t cover up the dates completely.
  • Max rating is now properly labeled.


  • The queue now jumps to the active image when you switch images via left/right arrow keys.
  • If a path to a raw file is given as a command-line argument, it will import and automatically load the image on startup.
  • German translations are now available, courtesy Luemmel from
  • Certain parts of the UI were widened to make room for the German translation.
  • EXIF writing was enabled for TIFFs. This can be a bit glitchy sometimes though in terms of other programs opening the files, though.
  • The icon was tweaked to match the name better.

Builds are available for Linux and Windows, but still no MacOS builds are available at this time. Please get in touch if you can help set up CI for MacOS builds.


Yay congrats!

Super, gratulation!

“German translations are not available” :grinning: