Filmulator Version 0.6.3 released

Get your AppImage here: Release Version 0.6.3 · CarVac/filmulator-gui · GitHub

New in this version of Filmulator is cropping, which only required a single button to be added to the UI despite fairly rich functionality. Click the Crop button to begin cropping, drag the handles that appear at the edges of the image to resize, and try out using Shift and Ctrl to modify the behavior.

Ctrl lets you drag the whole crop area around omnidirectionally. Shift causes that dragging to snap to the vertical and horizontal centers. Ctrl when dragging the blue side handles lets you drag the crop area in only one direction. Shift causes that to snap to center as well. When dragging the purple corner handles, Shift causes the crop’s aspect ratio to snap to one of a number of common options. Ctrl will lock in whatever the current aspect ratio is.

When you’re done cropping, click “Finish Crop” to finalize the crop and show only the cropped area.



It might be nice to have a “reset” button for the Filmulate panel.