Filmulator Version 0.7.0 released

Get your AppImage here: Release Version 0.7.0 · CarVac/filmulator-gui · GitHub

This version of Filmulator doesn’t have any new features, per se, but it dramatically improves the fluidity of editing by rendering a low-resolution preview (configurable resolution) prior to beginning work on the full image size.



Congrats, this version feels much faster than the last time I used it.

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Great improvement, however… Importing photos is still painfully slow.

The limiting factor there is LibRaw’s demosaicing.

When I get around to borrowing RawTherapee’s demosaicing code, it’ll have quite a large speedup.

Maybe there’s a way to just extract preview jpeg from RAW? It shoud be a way faster.

It would be faster but the previews would be very far from matching the default Filmulated look in some circumstances, so I decided against that.

I’m going to attack this problem in two ways:

  1. Faster demosaicing, full stop. This is very high priority because I need to separate demosaicing from LibRaw in order to continue to support new cameras.
  2. An improvement to the Import tab that does use the thumbnails from the raw file, and allows you to go through your photos and accept/reject and rate them prior to actually importing. This is also important, but I might spend a few months thinking through the UI before actually coding any of it up.

Yes, LibRaw stopped supporting the additional algorithm packs after 0.18.7 or so. At first I was disappointed, but I now think it’s an opportunity to more loosely couple demosaic from the rest of the pipeline. Specifically, I think there’s a need for a function signature that contains all the parameters the algorithms need, rather than reliance on the old dcraw global context.