Filter "Stylize" doesn't work in Gimp?

The “stylize” filter gives an error:

Does anyone know how to fix this :question:

Additional Information:
OS: Windows
GIMP: 2.10.10
G’MIC: 2.5.7
Available filters (G’MIC): 518

Your use two layers input?

Of course. It does not matter what 2 images are used. The error is the same.
Before that, everything worked.
I thought the whole thing in the outdated GIMP or G’MIC, but after installing the latest versions of the programs, the problem did not disappear.

Attempting to update filters through GIMP did not fix the error. Having installed G’MIC on PaintDotNET, I was greeted by the same error as before.
However, updating the filters through PaintDotNET fixed the problem both in PaintDotNET itself and in GIMP. :man_facepalming: