Finally making music again

Finally I am back to my original hobby, though calling it hobby would be degrading it, and I should find a better word. But actually I am not a fan of huge words, so only this time…
…let’s call it passion:



Delightful! Your voice has interesting character to it. Thanks for sharing!

Interesting is the word of choice in germany when you want to be polite though it sucks :wink:

…but as you are not from germany…thank you!

Delightful! is not ambiguous. :smile: Had energy to listen to the first part. Good so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is also mostly true in the US, but I didn’t mean it that way. Your voice is unique and sounded nice!

Sorry, If it came across as stupid answer from my side.
I understood what you meant. Thanks :slight_smile:

Gibt Schlimmeres!
No, really very beautiful. How did you do the recording. (hardware, software). My son (17) would like to record some songs on guitar with vocal accompaniment.

Thanks, well I use Cubase which isn’t that cheap but there are free programs like audacity or garageband (on mac) and some others.
I have used USB sound cards in the past with microphones attached to them via XLR cables. But I wanted to make my setup faster so I am now using a USB microphone (in this case a Rode NT). These aren’t terribly expensive and you don’t need anything else, just plug them in and go.
Now if you want to record several instrument simultaneously you will have to get a soundcard and multiple mics.
In my case I recorded the guitar first, then the main voice and then the backing vocals.

Hope this helps!
If you have further questions feel free to ask me.

@McCap, thank you for the tips that was helpful.