Finally printed some images of mine!

I just wanted to share my joy over finally seeing some of my images printed.
What an experience, only now is this a true image, and not just another file on my harddrive!
Absolutely magical :heart_eyes:

What I’m showcasing more than the image itself, is that you don’t have to have the most modern, fanciest, hypersupermegapixel camera to achieve good results.

This image is a stitch of three, taken with my canon 600d, which is both old and cheap, and has way less megapixels than your average smartphone these days.

The images were edited in darktable and stitched in hugin, printed on an epson surecolor p7000. And it looks amazing.

The print is 50x75 cm, so rather large, and it looks really good!

So even with an outdated hobbyist camera, you can still get (IMO) great results.

Thanks for looking :blush:


There’s something magical about prints from your own, worthy images. There’s that slight nervousness and anticipation what it will look like on paper beforehand. I still get that feeling even though I started printing (had my own B&W darkroom back in the day) decades ago.

I would go as far as to say that the whole photography process isn’t complete without a print.


Absolutely, that tingling feeling as I saw the image coming out of the plotter was quite magical, and at the same time I was super nervous that it wouldn’t look right, or ‘good enough’.
Haha, when I started learning photography way back when, I too was doing b&w darkroom printing myself. Never had my own setup though, but it’s something I really miss.
I recently saw a fairly complete setup at a local thrift-store and considered it but it was gone the next day…

Stunning photo!

So many photos, so little wall space…

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Thank you :blush: One of the few among thousnds I feel is ‘good enough to print’. We’re always too critical of our own work, I know at least I am.

And yes wallspace a huge problem, I’m also a painter and I’ve got 20+ paintings around the house - will have to take down a couple of those to give some space for my photos as well :sweat_smile:

I would go as far as to say that the whole photography process isn’t complete without a print.

Without a doubt. I don’t have many prints yet, but my favorite pictures are the ones I have printed and can take a look at every day or whenever I feel like it. There’s something strange when it comes to looking at pictures in screens, feels
less real. New OLED screens are changing things up quickly, some look really good, but still not there yet, even if paper has less DR, more fiddly to work with etc. Something definitely was lost by going digital and printing much less.

This is not to discredit photographers who never print their digital pictures andd prefer screens, of course. Merely my preference.