Finepix HS30EXR and pixel shift

So, I’ve recently gotten a HS30EXR for very cheap, mostly to dip my toes into infrared photography. Disassembled it, removed the filter in front of the sensor that blocks UV & IR (I bet it also does a lot of other stuff, but that’s neither here nor there).

Anyways, when I started taking raws (or in that case .RAF files), I noticed that the resolution is only 8MP, while the .jpg is 16MP, and RT shows that the .RAF contains two frames.

Now I’ve found out that when Demosaicing the image I can switch between the two frames, and even chose the EXR specific third option, SN mode, which basically averages the two frames, reducing noise quite significantly.

But I couldn’t figure out how to actually combine the two frames in RT to achieve a 16MP output, advice would be greatly appreciated.


If I remember right, use “Pixel Shift” as demosaic method.


Thanks for responding!

I’ve found that, but it doesn’t increase the resolution. It just let’s me pick a frame, or average them for noise reduction, but the exported pictures still only have 8MP. I’m pretty sure this is on me for missing something, so I’m gonna attach a RAF file (and the in camera JPG conversion)

DSCF4182.RAF (24.2 MB)

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I had to use the Fuji-provided RAF editor (SilkyPix) with my X-S1 to get “HR” output to further process.

Both were phenomenal full-spectrum conversions, too.

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Yeah, I had some luck with the SilkyPix based editor that Fuji ships, but I really dislike it (also it just crashed a lot when I tried exporting stuff)… Also I think RT is especially neat because it lets me choose the noise reduction mode in post…

But if you have any tips on making the Fuji SilkyPix bearable, I’m all ears!

Edit: Also, slightly off-topic, but you’ve managed to RAWs from the HS25EXR? How? I’ve even looked into hacking the firmware myself to make that happen, got stuck on actually verifying the FW image.

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I didnt :sob: I will edit.

It was late and I was confusing my cameras, haha.

I kept processing minimal and dumped to TIFF, if I remeber correctly. Let me look again.

Do you know fudge for Android and FujiHack? It sounds like you would be an amazing addition to their community!

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As far as I know, there is no equivalent to Fujifilm’s EXR High Resolution (HR) mode in RawTherapee. However, you are welcome to submit a feature request on GitHub.


Thanks for the response!

Since this actually seems like a feature that doesn’t exist, rather than my incompetence to use RT, I’ve created an issue.

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