First attempt at Bubble Macro photography!

A first attempt at bubble macro photgraphy yesterday. I struggled getting enough light to illuminate the bubble, I’ve since ordered a 2550lm 20W LED light bulb to replace the 8W LED one in my task light, I’ll probably bodge together a soft box for it as well using cardboard, sticky backed aluminium tape, and some material from a cheap shower curtain.

Certainly was a fun afternoon session though. Quite impressive seeing the various colours in the soap bubbles.


Neat! I see quite a lot of noise though, even for ISO 800. Did you have to push the exposure further in post?

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Yes, I pushed the exposure a lot further in post processing. It was my first attempt at doing these sort of images, so hopefully I’ll have better results next time! :slight_smile:

I’m also planning on upgrading the anglepoise style task lamps by putting 2550 lumen 20W led bulbs in them, and building a DIY soft box which should help for this type of photography