First Edit in darktable :D



Any critique and/or advice is welcome.


Hey welcome to the forum!

I think you did well in post, much better than my first attempts.

My main issue is composition: there doesn’t seem to be a strong focal point.

I was hoping for the white water to be the focal point. Any idea’s on how to make it “pop” more?

@Jokersloose Welcome to the forum!

The water in the lower two thirds isn’t exciting. A tighter crop might help. Turning your camera to the left might have improved the composition.

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Zoom in to an interesting part of the white water. @afre is right, the non-white water is not interesting.

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Thanks I’m still learning how to do things. Composition, camera use, and post prediction. I live locally so I’ll get back out there and see if I can improve on this.

I am just an armchair critic. :stuck_out_tongue: Look forward to seeing more of your photos. :+1:

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As far as post goes, you’ve done well in avoiding the over-edited look that most beginners have. This looks quite natural.

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Thanks, Youtube is a great help

Likes: The colors
Dislikes: The crop. What’s wrong with the rest of the image? I believe should look good too.

Hello @Jokersloose, welcome to the forum! I feel that just the waterbody without context is somewhat uninteresting. The photo has nice pastel shades. How about following crop?

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I felt like it was ugly, but let me go back and see.

Yes, if you want “pure nature” it might be disturbing. But it is difficult to get an interesting crop without the buildings. So just declare it to be " shabby chic" :wink: :

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Thanks for all the feedback, this is what I was hoping for when I joined. :smiley:

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You did a good job sir.
The only thing that I think is a shame in your original image, is that by cropping the image this way, it turns out rather uninteresting to watch (as stated above too). I love how you brought back the water though.

The final result looks amazing, I would however, use the color look up module to desaturate the mountains and turn them grey instead of blue again.

I’ll look into that thanks