First Look: Using GIMP to edit photos

I am a 20+ year user of Photoshop who recently switched over to GIMP 2.10.32 after Adobe shut down their licensing servers for discontinued standalone programs like CS3 that I had been running on my MacBook Pro. I post tutorials and other tech content on one of my WordPress blogs, including this article that I just published about my initial encounter in using GIMP to edit photos. Feel free to read it and comment.


Excellent and welcome!

Thank you!

As an additional test, I was able to install and launch the development version (2.99) of GIMP in my Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine. So, it would appear that when version 3 is finally released, that I will use Ubuntu or another Debian OS to run it.

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Welcome. I have Photoshop but for years have preferred using GIMP. Also no economical barrier to new users since GIMP is free. Since you come from a Photoshop background I hope you are aware you can customise keyboard shortcuts to match what you are familiar with in PS. Also the user guide is a great resource. GNU Image Manipulation Program

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I’ve never used Photoshop or Lightroom; GIMP and RawTherapee have been my weapons of choice since day one.

I often get asked to share my Photoshop or Lightroom workflow, and I take great pleasure from explaining exactly why I can’t. :wink:


@ marbetz Ditto

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