First one of 2018


New year’s eve firework over Vienna.
It turned out exactly how i’ve envisioned it, but damn, it was some work to blend multiple exposures as they weren’t aligned properly. Processed in darktable with blending and alignment done in gimp.


(Mica) #2

Did you use hugin to align them?


Nope, didn’t cross my mind. Can hugin align them even if the images aren’t “identical”? I tried it in Gimp with G’mic, which wasn’t working, as the images showed quite different content due to the fireworks. In the end, I aligned them by hand, moving them pixel per pixel.

(Karl) #4

Yes, Hugin can even align images that are shot with different lenses and cameras.


@matejmarti Nice! I missed the fireworks so I get to enjoy them now :slight_smile:.

@paperdigits @Karl Please post a link to or write a hugin tutorial on aligning fireworks :wink:.

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(Karl) #6


  1. Open Hugin and load your images
  2. Put control points on things that are static from frame to frame (eg. Buildings)

(Mica) #7

Yeah pretty much what @Karl says, just don’t put control points on the fireworks. You can also try and use the CPFind that’ll remove sky control points.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #8

Nice photo. :sparkler::fireworks: However, if you remove some of the overlapping fireworks (especially on top of the big ones) it may look better. Did you consider this possibility?


Yes I did. However, the ones overlapping are all from the same exposure so it’s not a result of the manual blending I did.

I might redo it before it goes into print, now that I know that hugin can help aligning the images. I have about 15 good exposures of the scene and should be able to blend them without overlaps. The above posted image was created out of only 3 exposures.


I think it quite a nice photo. I have installed hugin, but not played with it yet.
Good work!