First time I like the auto levels treatment

(Mihai Sorin) #1


I am a ACR user, mainly. Since Adobe won’t release Linux version soon (or ever…) and I prefer Linux, I look for an alternative that matches ACR auto levels functionality.
I try RT every minor version.
I have tested the auto levels in 5.4 and I get muddy colours, as ever in RT, although it is said it reads the raw data for out of camera view and the stored histogram.
Now, with 5.5 it is so good, compared to 5.4. It is so close to what I need and looks to be a pretty ACR replacement for the first time!
Thank you and keep it this way, please!
One more thing I have noticed. If I apply some treatment in 5.4 and the pp3 is created, it will keep it like that in 5.5. Pressing auto levels button won’t do the magic as if I delete the pp3 first. Is this intended?


(Flössie) #2

May I ask which camera you’re using?

(Mihai Sorin) #3

Of course, it’s a Canon 400D, famous for being the noisiest Canon ever… still OK as hobbyist.

(Flössie) #4

Then this is why your colors are fine now:

Full story here.


(Mihai Sorin) #5

Wow! Thank you! I didn’t know that (I have expected it to be there already, never checked…).


I have a FujiFilm Xpro 1, why is the DCP for match camera greyed out?

(Ingo Weyrich) #7

Because noone provided shots to make a DCP for that camera


I apologize is it too late to send a raw file for this and the XT2 Fuji

(Ingo Weyrich) #9

Why is to too late?


You know, the website DPREVIEW.COM has RAW samples for virtually any camera made all available for download, Would these be usable to create a profile for the Fuji.

If they aren’t usable, can you please send me the link on where to upload the files.

(Ingo Weyrich) #11

If you have a Color Target, please just read this and provide the raw files. @Morgan_Hardwood usually creates the dcp files then in about 1 to 4 weeks after the raw files have been uploaded (sometimes sooner, sometimes later)


Is there a list somewhere, which camera have DCPs provided in RT?

(Mihai Sorin) #13

Good question.
I have looked directly in the code here.

Off-topic, only if I knew years ago. So much struggle to find such tool, never understanding what happens and thinking ACR was brilliant just because I was not aware of this requisite…
I could not use RT properly for 10 years! Probably others too. Imagine the adoption it would have had. I see major cameras still missing. Probably their owners use ACR as it is considered best…

An excellent point. Why are the files there unusable? Due to licensing? Lack of trust?

(Alberto) #14


they are perfectly usable from a technical standpoint. You can follow the procedure described in RawPedia and come up with reasonably good DCP profiles.

This is the problem, yes. It’s not clear whether it is ok to redistribute the DCP profiles generated using those shots. FWIW, I tried asking in the dpreview forums, more than once in fact, but never got any answer. But this doesn’t prevent people from generating DCPs for themselves though.

(Mihai Sorin) #15

Indeed, probably each owner of those must be asked for permission personally.

(Flössie) #16

Also, if you don’t find your camera mentioned in the filenames, it might have an alias here:

(Sebastien Guyader) #17

If you have an X-T2 and a color target, please make a DCP or take the required shots for @Morgan_Hardwood to make the DCP profile. I’d be interested, currently I just use the X-T20 profile for my X-T2, but having a legit X-T2 profile bundled in RT would be great.


I have a Macbeth color checker is that something that is useable?


Yes, the RT volunteer accepted my shot of a Macbeth color checker and made the Fuji X-Pro2 .dcp.