FITS error after running OCS-preprocessing script

I am very new to Siril and am trying to stack my first set. I have the folders labeled correctly (that was my first error that I fixed by reading the tutorial again…), but after the script runs, I get an error message that has 5 lines of “FITS error” messages. I tried to screen shot it and paste it here, but it doesn’t come up as an image. Everything seemed to run ok until I got those messages. Any idea where to go to fix it?

Same problem. I’ll let you know if I find a solution.

Hi, l like very much Siril but unfortunately I often encounter problems probably because I’m just starting out, but since yesterday I don’t know what to do. I put the folders with the biases, darks, flats and lights (all raw files) in the working folder and it is fine until the last folder of the lights. At this point the script stops and these lines of text appear on the right window:

12:33:09: Running command: cd
12:33:09: Setting CWD (Current Working Directory) to ‘C: \ Users \xxxxxxxxx\ Pictures’
12:33:09: # Convert Light Frames to .fit files
12:33:09: Running command: cd
12:33:09: ‘lights’ No such file or directory
12:33:09: Error in line 54: ‘cd’.
12:33:09: Exiting batch processing.
12:33:09: Setting CWD (Current Working Directory) to ‘C: \ Users \ xxxxxxxxx \ Pictures’
12:33:09: Script execution failed.

What should I do? the lights are in the right directory. Someone can help me?
many thanks and clear sky

Hi all,

Sorry for the late reply, the post got unnoticed as we monitor mainly this section of the forum:

In case you haven’t fixed the problem already:
@BeckyCAZ , could you pls paste here the content of the console?
@Max54 , could you pls share a screenshot of your C: \ Users \xxxxxxxxx\ Pictures folder so that we can see its content?