Fixing odd reflections?

There are reflections of blue light on the subject on the right, and on the floor, which create very odd looking blotches of color after processing. I’m interested in learning how to fix this in post as well as avoiding it when taking the picture.

IMG_20190807_192610.dng (23.5 MB)
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Here is a basic edit using darktable’s filmic, haze removal, shadows & highlights:

IMG_20190807_192610.dng.xmp (5.9 KB)

I don’t use dt; mostly read about it. There is a curve mode that takes the norm of the colour. The norm looks quite natural:

These are saturated pixels. You can avoid them, by avoiding overexposure. I will try to develop your image later.

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As @Thomas_Do has already said, the pixels are over-saturated.
You can reduce the saturation for this particular color by using Color Zones module:


Here my try in darktable 2.7 using the method suggested by @s7habo.

IMG_20190807_192610.dng.xmp (6.5 KB)


thanks s7habo for the tip

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IMG_20190807_192610.dng.xmp (14.5 KB)

I used colorzone with masks to the floor and boardingpass. On the subject on the right i used the retouch module.