Flathub flatpak fliesystem permissions

Setting all politics aside and hoping for quality responses…
It has been noted that users of the RawTherapee FlatHub flatpak cannot open images on external drives. This is caused by a filesystem permission setting in the FlatHub packaging script.

@scx proposes moving that permission to host, noting there would be resistance.

In my opinion we could just add a line - --filesystem=/mnt and leave the home designator alone. As you know, /mnt contains temporarily mounted devices other than the currently mounted root filesystem.

What about color management? Does RT check colord to find out the ICC profile for your monitor(s)? If so, it will need to read those ICC profiles from disk (eg. /usr/share/color/icc, /usr/local/share/color/icc, ~/.color/icc, ~/.local/color/icc, /usr/local/icc, etc. – depends on the distro).

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I think its fine to change it to either, but you know I’m no authority on the subject. I believe I still have merge permission on the flathub repo.

Another option would be for RT to take control of the flatpak officially, which is what flathub really wants.

I had also thought to offer nightly flatpak builds, but that is pretty far down my list of todos.