Flatpak Installation of Darktable 4.6 and OpenCL Issues - a fix

I’ve seen more than one post that some are having problems enabling Open CL in Darktable
I am running Pop_OS (Ubuntu Based) AMD CPU and a Radeon Nvidia 3060 GPU. More than enough necessary memory.
I could not enable Open CL
A bit of research pointed to Flatpak being the problem, a permissions issue.
From my repository, I downloaded Flatseal which allows one to enable/disable various permissions for any Flatpak apps installed on your system.
In Flatseal I found Darktable, and enabled Graphic accelleration, rebooted the computer, opened Darktable and OpenCL was available and running.

For any further questions - I am not an expert on Linux or Darktable, just did a bit of research and thought I’d pass it on!


Mostly this is my setup as well … but Radeon Nvidia ??? I don’t think the market consolidation has gone that far yet :grin:


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Thanks again you are correct about that!
Maybe I should learn to proofread???