Flatpak version of darktable does not find themes in /var/

I have a custom theme in:

that contains:
@import url("/var/lib/flatpak/app/org.darktable.Darktable/x86_64/stable/active/files/share/darktable/themes/darktable-icons.css").

darktable does not seem to be able to fetch darktable-icons.css located in /var/. I can only make it work if I copy darktable-icons.css and darktable.css to /home/user/.var/app/org.darktable.Darktable/config/darktable/themes/.

Is this a permission problem? Can it be solved without copying the two files to /home/user/.var/app/org.darktable.Darktable/config/darktable/themes/?

@mikae1 Why mess around with flatpak &c — why not simply compile darktable yourself?

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Because compiling applications when they’ve already been compiled by others seems like a waste of time and electricity. Flatpaks are also portable and easy to synk to other machines and keeps me further away from dependency trouble. This is actually my first Flatpak problem since I distanced myself from the distro provided package manager a couple of days ago. True story! :smile: Still to early to evaluate the strategy, perhaps…

If you start from the command line with -d all, what does it tell you?

This sounds very typical for flatpak and tools like that. You are trying the run the app from its own container , and access to other files in the main filesystem is not given by default AFAIK.

On the Steam Deck a lot runs through flatpaks, and you have to give permission for a flatpak to access the mounted microSD cars for instance.

So, yes. It sounds like you need to give permission. Unfortunately, I don’t know how but a quick google will help if you now know what to search for.

There is an app called Flatseal or you can do it from the CLI.

It should have access by default to /var/lib/flatpak.

You sure ? (Not a flatpak expert at all ).
If he has a .var folder in his home folder , it seems that the app is running in user mode and taking that as the var path.

Anyway, you can always test by putting a shell script or something in the flatpak and see if it can access the file to be sure ?

Does it even work for normal DT to use @import kn6a css file , or is there some sort of css root path set ?

Thanks, answer might be here: permissions - How to give a Flatpak app access to a directory - Ask Ubuntu

It’s installed as system-wide, configs are saved in ~/.var.

you can debug by starting from the cli:

flatpak run org.darktable.Darktable -d all

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